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NPC Soccer was established in 2000 by Coach Paul Ngend. In 2014, he founded NPC Futsal alongside three European partners. NPC Fútbol & Futsal offers year-round soccer and futsal coaching and programming at a much lower cost for all ages and skill levels.

NPC Soccer provides year-round training starting in July with league and tournament play in the fall and spring. 

NPC Futsal is the only USYF Accredited Futsal Development Academy in the DMV area. Starting in May, the academy includes competitive play in leagues and tournaments in the winter and summer months. The average year-round cost for our development academy is $29 per 90 minutes of training. The closest competitors in the area cost approximately $50 per 90 minute session. 

Separate from our Futsal Development Academy, we also provide Futsal training programs to help player's hone their skills further. We offer year-round training as well as flexible seasonal training.  


NPC's unique style of training develops the individual player alongside the team. We believe in leveraging each player’s unique talents and abilities to capitalize on individual strengths. Our players cultivate a positive personal identity while gaining a strong appreciation for teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Taught by licensed, former professional soccer players, our coaches develop technical and tactical proficiency as well as cognitive awareness. We recognize that training hard is critical for advancement, but we believe that growth is easier when having fun. That’s why fun is built into each phase of our training regimen. 

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Help young athletes develop a solid foundation for soccer success and a passion for the game that will last a lifetime.


A world class youth sports program committed to soccer excellence.

Our Mission

Our coaches form the base of our programs and are vital to the advancement of our players. They are passionate about the game and the technical and social development of each player.


All coaches are experienced former professional soccer players with licenses to provide the highest level of training at all skill levels.


NPC coaches have played soccer or trained players in the U.S. and around the world. They make our programs fun and engaging, keeping every player hooked and excited to participate.  


We help players realize their potential so they can achieve their goals: play elite soccer, earn scholarships and even go pro. 

We have received so much from this beautiful game. NPC is dedicated to giving the young athletes in our community the opportunity to grow physically and socially by taking their passion and energy to the highest level possible. 

NPC provides access to programming, training, facilities, and gear to young athletes who could not otherwise afford it. 

To our kind donors, thank you for your generosity!


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